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Hawkeye Wasp Bait is a highly attractive bait to foraging wasps which is taken back to the nest to wipe it out.

Controls Common and German Wasp populations.
No pre-baiting needed.

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Hawkeye Wasp Bait is a scientifically developed bait consisting of protein,  sugar and highly attractive food-grade volatiles that draws wasps to the bait stations. The wasps feed on the sugar content of the bait and take the protein and active back to the nest to feed the young ones, resulting in wiping out the whole nest.

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is available in the following pack sizes:

  • Home User Starter Pack:- 2 x 20g tubes of wasp bait, 2 DIY stations, 4 bait wells and 2 cable ties
  • Home User Stations:- x1 home user station
  • Home User Bait:-  x2 20g tube of bait and 4 bait wells
  • Home User Wasp Lure & Wasp Bait Combo: - x1 225ml  lure pouch, x1 trap, x2 20g bait tubes, x2 DIY stations x4 wells, x2 cable ties
  • Beekeepers Starter Pack:- 1 x 300g pot of bait, 4 commercial bait stations and 15 station wells.
  • Beekeepers Station:- x1 commercial bait station
  • Beekeepers Bait:-  1 x 300g bait and 15 station wells.
  • Beekeepers Wasp Lure & Wasp Bait Combo:- x2 225ml Wasp Lure, x2 traps, x1 300g bait, x4 commercial stations, x15 wells

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See FAQs for more information on the difference between commercial use and home use versions of the bait

Wasp Bait Safety Data Sheet 

Wasp Bait User Leaflet 

Pamphlet - Wasp Bait & Wasp Lure

Hawkeye Wasp Bait should be placed where wasps are foraging for food for best results. It shouldn’t be placed anywhere there are strong odours that could mask the ‘smell’ of the attractants in the bait, for example, do not place Hawkeye Wasp Bait near flower beds, especially if they have a strong fragrance. Ideally the placement will be in an open position out of all day sun, but the primary consideration is putting it where wasps are foraging.

Once you have the location for bait placement decided, assemble stations and put them in the predetermined positions. They can be attached using cable ties or a screw or tack into fences, posts, trees etc.

Put the required amount of bait in the bait well. Each well will be approximately half full with the required amount of bait (10g for home user wells and 20g for commercial user wells).

Place the well in the provided cavity in the station and close the station.

You should notice a reduction in wasp activity within a couple of weeks of placement, with elimination of the nest occurring in approximately 4 weeks.

If the bait changes appearance and looks white, ‘fluffy’ and no longer seems to be attracting wasps, this means the bait is spent – wasps have taken all the active ingredient and attractants out. The spent bait residue should be discarded and replaced with fresh bait.

What is the active ingredient?

Hawkeye Wasp Bait contains 0.4% Indoxacarb

Is it dangerous?

Indoxacarb has a low mammalian toxicity and is one of the safer insecticide active ingredients available to people and pets. The product itself is no more toxic than table salt (but it still should not be consumed).

What is the difference between a commercial and home use station?

A commercial station is larger and is designed to hold 20g of bait whereas a home user station is designed to hold 10g of bait. For typical residential use, a home station should be sufficient.

I only have a few wasps hanging around. Should I use Hawkeye wasp bait?

We recommend that Hawkeye Wasp Lure is a better choice if you only have a couple of wasps hanging around occasionally as it will trap these scout foragers and prevent them returning to the nest. Continual foraging from wasps or larger numbers requires Hawkeye Wasp Bait or Hawkeye Wasp Lure depending on numbers. A heavy infestation requires the use of both Hawkeye Wasp Bait and Hawkeye Wasp Lure to eliminate the nest effectively.

Can you provide more detailed advice on eliminating wasps in my specific situation?

Yes, definitely! We are happy to help you get the best result from our products. Please contact us to discuss the details of your problem and we will advise on what to use, where to place it and when. Photos are a great help.

I know where the Wasp nest is. Should I use Hawkeye Wasp Bait to eliminate it?

While you can use Hawkeye Wasp Bait, if you know where the nest is and it is a hazard to yourself or your family we recommend calling in a Professional Pest Controller who can get rid of the nest straight away.

Wasps don’t seem to be feeding on the bait. What should I do?

A lack of feeding may mean the station placement isn’t optimal or the wasp bait is spent. Contact us for assistance in station placement or replace spent bait.

Does Hawkeye Wasp Bait attract bees?

No. We have done extensive studies around New Zealand with beekeepers to show that bees have no attraction to the Hawkeye Wasp Bait matrix. This data is available on request.

Hawkeye Wasp Bait is made up of wasp attractants, wasp foods and insecticide active ingredient to provide a highly palatable matrix to wasps that is taken back to the nest and eliminate it.

It has been deliberately formulated with an active ingredient that is slow acting so that it will be taken back to the nest and distributed around all the wasps instead of killing the wasp transporting it. Because of this, it takes time to work and does not give an instant kill of foraging wasps.

Foraging wasps have been given information from scout foragers on the location of good food for the nest. It is vital for the performance of the wasp bait that it is placed out where wasps are foraging, otherwise uptake will be poor. It shouldn’t simply be placed in the wasp flight path, or put out when wasps are not actively foraging, eg during times of stress or drought when nest growth slows.

Hawkeye wasp bait can be stored for up to 2 years under ambient conditions in the provided packaging. Refrigeration is not necessary.

Hawkeye wasp bait has been formulated to be attractive all year round. It can be used at any time of the year without the need for prebaiting.

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Wasp Bait Safety Data Sheet 

Wasp Bait User Leaflet


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