High Performance Products Developed and Manufactured in New Zealand

Baits that bugs love to take back to their nests

Safe for bees

We put our wasp bait on top of a beehive with some sugar solution. The bees went for the sugar water, but only wasps were interested in the wasp bait.

Eliminate pests with efficiency

Try our Problem Solver!

Do you need help with some matter but you’re not entirely sure what? You know there’s a problem, but you either haven’t seen it or don’t know what its called? Our Problem Solver can identify whats wrong, and offer a solution.

Real results you can depend on


The Value of Hawkeye Products

Proven in New Zealand

Our products are proudly developed by us, tested by us, to be used by you. They aren’t imported from another country where they may have dodgy practices.


Our products perform! We have scientific experts who test, test and retest our products during development to make sure they are market leaders for performance.


We try to improve the sustainability of our products whenever we can. This may mean eliminating solvents or using friendlier ingredients than industry standards provided it doesn’t compromise performance.


We provide technical support to go with our products, whether its providing advice on how to get the most of our products, sending us a photo of an unknown pest for our entomologist to identify, or other support.


We have a pipeline of products in development and will be regularly adding more products to the website. The only criteria is it must be a chemical product that addresses a need in a market.

Support New Zealand Business

When you purchase a Hawkeye product you are supporting a New Zealand business, which helps the economy and keeps money in this great country of ours.